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There are three basic types of graffiti. Tags, Throw-Ups, and Pieces.

A tag is just your signature, marking your territory, your secret graffiti “code-name”, and probably the most important part of your arsenal. It shows everyone at first glance if you’re really about your shit. It can also sometimes be refered to as a handstyle.

Throw-Ups are a little more in-depth. Usually using two or three colors max. They are a form of stylized bubble or block style letters. Most are simple and not super refined or fancy. Some are the exception to this rule and are amazingly detailed, including characters or other gimmicks.
They are more work and take more time than tags, but are quicker and require less paint and time to cover a large area quickly than pieces.

A large, complex, and labor-intensive graffiti painting. Pieces often incorporate 3-D effects, arrows, and many colors and color-transitions, as well as various other effects. These will usually be done by writers with more experience. Originally shorthand for masterpiece, considered the full and most beautiful work of graffiti). A piece requires more time to paint than a throw-up. If placed in a difficult location and well executed it will earn the writer more respect. Piece can also be used as a verb that means: “to write.”

Then you have pieces, as in “masterpieces” These are the bread and butter and the more advanced form of graffiti, using many colors and various styles or fonts. Taking longer amounts of time depending on complexity.

Bombing, is the real shit. Using permanent ink, scratching into surfaces with sharp objects and spray painting your name on walls in sometimes dangerous places that you’re not supposed to be. Vandalism, writing graffiti in its purest most unadulterated form.

The general rules to graffiti are:
Don’t paint on homes, cars, places of worship, graveyards, memorials, historical sites, or natural places.

Covering other works goes by the amount of work put into something. Pieces can cover throw-ups and tags. Throw-ups can cover over tags. Tags shouldn’t cover anything. Covering another writer is considered crossing them out, and creates beef.

If someone put a good piece up and you go over it, it’s basically seen as a huge “fuck you” to that writer. Rivalries and all-out wars can brew when you go over someone’s shit. There can be a lot more hard feelings involved and violence too.

Crews are just the people you roll with.
If I have two good friends, B and C, and we all go paint together, we can call ourselves a crew.
Then we just paint ABC as it’s own thing or put it up with our pieces, throws, and tags like a signature.
It’s basically like when you were a kid and you established secret clubs between you and your friends.
A crew just shows you have support, people to back you up, and credibility amongst other writers.
Stuff like that. So my friends and I can all write some initials next to our pieces, then people around town will see that A, B, and C pieces are all related, and since C has been painting here for a while and we know he’s awesome A and B must be pretty decent too.