Siner – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
SINER: I push dme and fukq destroyin miami’s enviornment and fugitives using kans quietly.
2. How long have you been active?
SINER: I started to get into it in 84 but really got more serious in 88.
3. Who/what influenced you the most coming up?
SINER: the scene in miamI was really dope back then alot of heads puttin in direct influences as far as niggas I knew around my way were like sketch bbb(brothers back ta back)nitro usc(unlimited styles crew) volt and a few others.indirect influences,guys I saw doing mad shit like vo5(very outstanding five) tcb(heads will roll!!!) osb(one step beyond) block boys, tmod(true masters of dezine) and tnsb(the non stop bombers) really influenced me too get into the scene and start putting in werk.and of course subway art.
4. Rack or Buy?
SINER: I dont really rack any more price scams are always cool.
5. What is your preferred brand of paint?
SINER: montana got me hooked.always love some painters touch or american accents.
6. Do you prefer painting solo or with others?
SINER: I gotta say I pretty much like going solo.but I do have a couple partners who I will paint really depends on the spot and the risk involved I guess.
7. What area of the game is your strongest?
SINER: letters. im starting to fuk around with characters though. I think im well rounded,I concentrate on handstyles throwies straight letters wildstyle pretty much all gets boring when youve been doing it so long if you dont switch it up.
8. What is your favorite surface to paint and why?
SINER: id say fr8s cuz they go all country and painting a train is whats its all about.
9. What’s the correct pronunciation of your name?
SINER: well the first tag I got was sinister but it was too long so I started writing sin and then just added on the er for more balance I always liked 5 letters like sneek snair etc…so its sinner just with one n
10. What’s your outlook on the current South Florida scene?
SINER: its alright I guess I just wish there was more seems like its all about tags and throwies all street level shit.nobodys being too creative or adventurous. I mean theres a few people doing cool shit.just not enough.there are definitely alot more people putting in werk so thats a plus I just like to see more rooftops productions a little more style and planning put into shit.
11. What’s your favorite city to bomb?
SINER: my city. I like ATL alot im always saying if I ever move it will probably be out there.
12. Have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
SINER: no comment.
13. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
SINER: honestly im not feeling it as much as I was at one point. I used to think it was cool but im starting to see negative things about it.
14. Do you feel that graff is an element of the Hip Hop culture, or do you feel that writing exists as its own culture?
SINER: I think its the first element of the hip hop culture but I think little by little hip hop became its own entity with the marketing of the music.if anything id say we are still hip hop and the rest of the shit that used to be hip hop is now just mainstream.the term hip hop just got raped and all thats left now for me is writing.
15. What is your current occupation?
SINER: all around hustler.
16. Have you ever traveled outside the U.S. to paint?
SINER: not yet,but hopefully this year im gonna take a couple weeks over in europe to hit em up.
17. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
SINER: probably close to where I am right now.painting travelling enjoying life day by day taking it as it comes.
18. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
SINER: theres this part of joe robbie stadium I guess you could say its a rooftop, but its just high and lit up and very well secured if I could get that off and get the flik it would be madness.
19. I remember seeing some beef between you and a certain established Atlanta writer a couple years ago. Was that ever squashed or handled?
SINER: I never spoke to the guys in question but one of their homies called me thru a mutual freind and said it was squashed.ive been back to the city I dont go over them and they havent gone over me that I know of. I think we pretty much agreed to let by gones……….
20. Do you have any shout-outs or call-outs you want to address here?
SINER: I wanna give a biggup to all my ATL niggas dizo baser rubek sb daks hear sauce teach totem.the dme fukq family here and abroad.td4 and ak in ny,and rtm utI and sb in cali.

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