SB1 – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
SB1: Network (no acronym) FS (freight Slayers) UCA (Under Cover Agents) CRE (Catch Reck Everywhere) AMF (Action Makes Fame).
2. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
SB1: Originally I’m from Brooklyn NY, I moved here in 89 and definitely consider myself an Atlanta writer because I’ve done most of my shit since I’ve been here.
3. Who influenced you the most coming up?
SB1: Mainly writers from the NY subways in the years between 1983 and 1989. Its hard to say exactly who, but my favorite writer is Sent from NY. He is without question a style master general.
4. How long have you been active?
SB1: Well since the freights are the only thing that really counts I’ll say 12 years. I started hitting freights in 1988, but didn’t really take it seriously until 1992 and I’ve been more or less active since then.
5. What is your favorite surface to paint and why?
SB1: Steel, Over all else. That’s all I’ve really painted. Walls are cool to socialize, I do them on occasion, but steel is where its at for me. That’s the only thing I’ll risk my freedom for. I could go on for days about why but I’ll just say train pieces last longer and they travel further.
6. Do you rock with stocks or custom tips?
SB1: Stock and fats, that’s what I learned with and that’s all I know how to use. I’m kind of stuck in my ways.
7. Any insight on the new school attitude/style?
SB1: Well I consider myself part of the new school. A lot of kids who have been writing 5 years call themselves old school. Old school to me is writers from the 1960’s and 70’s. I like the current generation. I think kids don’t stick with it very long these days though. Most kids don’t write for more than 3 years, and that’s sad. I wish kids stayed in the game longer. As far as style if its original it’s fresh to me. Like there can’t be a hundred Totems, only one ya know. A lot of newer writers jump right into the complex stuff, the colors the characters and never really develop the fundamentals. The hand style, the thro-up, the bombing. I don’t mean to sound judgmental though, its just an observation.
8. What’s your outlook on the current ATL scene?
SB1: I’ve always liked the Atlanta scene. Like I said I consider myself an Atlanta writer. I think people expect it to be some kind of Utopia, but what city has a perfect scene. I really dig the fact that a lot of kids are hitting metal now. Yeah the politics and the drama sucks, but I’m glad with what we have.
9. In your opinion, who’s the hottest writer in Atlanta today?
SB1: Oh man thats a tuff one. Outside of my own crew(s): Dizo, I like his shit a lot. He’s killed shit and he has a very original style, TNA crew, they are the kings of coal cars, Hense, Humble, Hear, Totem, UAA crew, really anyone who’s name I see on trains often is Hot to me.
10. Any particular person or people you love painting with?
SB1: Honestly I’m kind of an asshole in this sense but I really only like to paint with my crewmates because we understand each other. Daks is my partner to the heart. Lern, Save, Leon, Brayne, I really used to enjoy painting with Chase. I’ll paint with anyone who is as methodical about the mission as I am. People who know how to scope shit out right, people who know how to react in a raid before its too late, people who know how not to make a lot of noise and not tag all over the lay-up (that’s a pet peav of mine).
11. Have you ever traveled outside the US to paint?
SB1: Nah, not to paint. But Id like to go to Amsterdam for the Cannabis cup though, and maybe rock some freights over there.
12. Have you had any run-ins with the law for graffiti?
SB1: Of course, but knock on wood I’ve never been bagged. I’ve been in 4 raids, two of which were pretty intense. I’ve always managed to slip away, even when other kids I was with got caught. It is the result of being extra anal about missions. I’m not saying I’m invincible , I just take it a lil more serious than the average writer, and that has paid off for me.
13. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
SB1: I think its great. Even though I get bored with it sometimes. I like the freight message board most of all. What I think is of utmost importance is the fact that writers are responsible for the abundance of web documented graffiti. Whereas in the past graffiti media was always controlled by people who didn’t write, and it has given newer generations a somewhat distorted view of the way things were. Writers will always tell a more accurate story because we are living it. In a thousand years all these websites will be in some database for future generations to research, so that’s a good thing.
14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
SB1: Still painting, still benching, still streaking just like I was 10 years ago.
15. What is your current occupation?
SB1: I’m a jack of all trades.
16. Do you consider graff a part of your lifestyle or just a hobby?
SB1: This is definitely life. Maybe for the first couple of years it was a hobby, but since like 85 when I started taking/collecting fliks its been, my culture, my religion, and my life. I mean my family is always first but train graffiti is always second.
17. What area of graff is your strongest?
SB1: Speed. My aim was obviously never to be the freshest, just to be able to get in and get out of a spot quickly and undetected. Like a Stealth Bomber*.
18. If there was one spot anywhere in the country you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
SB1: Marta Trains, just because its never been done. I’ll never do it though. When I risk my freedom its gotta be for something that’s gonna last.
19. Do you think using brushes/markers/rollers/wheat paste takes away from the original concept?
SB1: Yeah I think it does to a degree. But putting my personal opinion aside it is progression and adds variety to the game. Me personally I use aerosol exclusively I’m kind of thick in the head about that. But I like seeing different shit in the street.
20. President in 2000?
SB1: I think its high time for a female president, a fine one. Id like to see Toni Braxton or Jennifer Lopez address the nation in a bikini.

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