Perve – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
PERVE: UPS-under police surveillance, PFE-prepare for extinction, KAOS INC. , YNN-your next nemesis, ROT-reign of terror. different meanings for all of them. down with a few others also. ITD from boston. big dwel!
2. How long have you been active?
PERVE: I started taggin in the early 90’s. then in the late 90’s met up wit my boys stat and dek, started gettin more serious into the piecing and bombin aspects. So for about 6 or so years.
3. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
PERVE: Rhode Island.
4. Did you write any other name prior to Perve?
PERVE: Before perve, I wrote a few. my first tag was priz(before I knew of the ny priz), after that I started writing preo, just bombed that for a year, then I became the pervinator. Stuck wit it because I liked the letters.
5. Who or what were some of your influences coming up?
PERVE: Influences coming up were UPS crew, my boy wizart, vase, tm7 stuff, pro, kem5, ges. I always loved the letter style& of fba crew out of subway art. I couldnt get over that when I was a young lad.
6. What area of the game is your strongest?
PERVE: a few years back I was a bomber, but in recent years I feel piecing is my strong point. cause thats all I do.
7. What is your favorite surface to paint and why?
PERVE: concrete walls. I dunno what it is about walls. just love em.
8. Any particular person or people you love painting with?
PERVE: I like painting wit my crews from up north cause I rarely see em now that I live down south. but I like paintin wit my boys goser, quest, yesh(goser’s stunt double), web, wiot rip.
9. Rack or Buy?
PERVE: haha. I buy my paint nowadays. maybe rack once in a while. I been arrested more times than I can count on both hands. I cant risk gettin caught rackin paint and defenately goin to jail for it. I like freedom. ill waste 2 bucks on a can. fuck it. I did my rackin when I was a weee youngster.
10. GraffitI in your life – habit, addiction, lifestyle or hobby?
PERVE: I’d say lifestyle. its all I do. besides makin pizza’s all fuckin day.
11. Have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
PERVE: I been caught for graff 6 times. damn thats alot. fuck!
12. What do you think about the documentation of graffitI on the web?
PERVE: I think its good and bad. I like to see what my boys are doin up north and what people are doin across seas. But also, I think people are learnin the artform and “secrets” to the artform to easy. when I first started, I didnt kno how the hell these people got their lines so crisp, I didnt kno what a damn cap was!
13. Do you feel that graff is an element of the Hip Hop culture, or do you feel that writing exists as its own culture?
PERVE: Both, not all writers listen to hip hop. but i’ve been known to turn on planet rock at walls and battle people for their brown socks wit yellow lines.
14. What is your current occupation?
PERVE: I’m the greatest pizza chef in Atlanta!!!
15. What’s your favorite part of the Atlanta graff scene?
PERVE: my favorite part of the atl graff scene is the piecing. theres so many spots to rock. but I also like the bombin aspect. I need stuff to look at when I’m out around town.
16. In your opinion, who’s rocking shit right now?
PERVE: I feel the seventh letter is, tko, pfe, 3a, HI CRU, skrew has been making his rounds, FS/NETWORK on fr8s. cant think right now.
17. Have you ever traveled outside the U. S. to paint?
PERVE: I been to montreal. go up there once a year for under pressure. great times. threw some tags up in cancun when I went there. . . for free bitches!
18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
PERVE: I see myself not makin pizzas, maybe doin graff here and there, still lookin at the same fuckin porn sites, listening to madlib still makin dope beats, smokin& a blunt, finally have the tattoo on my leg finished, drinkin a 64 oz. jug of OE, maybe married, hand in my pants al bundy style!. hopefully not dead.
19. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
PERVE: hmmm. I would love to do a roller on the green monster at fenway park in boston. Thatd be the jumpoff as my man rath would say.
20. President in 2004?
PERVE: they all the same. I dont vote. but in office now, we have a dick, colon, and a bush. whatever one is goin for the legalization of weed, ill be first in line. rip grandma and wiot. one love.

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