Neat – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
NEAT: (ADM)aerosol dreams manifested-assholes delivering mayhem (KYS)kapping yalls shit-kill yourself (AP)auto pilot-assaulting pedestrians
2. How’d you get the name NEAT?
NEAT: I think the shit just randomly came about.
3. How long have you been active?
NEAT: Since about 2001-2002

4. Who influenced you the most coming up?
NEAT: Fools like them (HOD) boys when they came through. hense/sever, pretty much anyone that was really out there putting there ass on the line to get up is what got me amped the shit.I was also into all of those (NETWORK) and (12volts) boys shit as far as trains go.
5. Rack or Buy?
NEAT: scams.
6. Do you prefer painting solo or with others?
NEAT: usually I ride solo because I’m not a fan of too much luggage but it really all depends on the situation.
7. Have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
NEAT: Sure.
8. Is graff a hobby, habit, or lifestyle to you?
NEAT: A bad habit
9. What do you think about the documentation of graffitI on the web?
NEAT: The shits cool with me really I dont give a fuck but its funny how fools now days get more ups on internet boards then they will ever get on the streets. Thats what most of Atlanta’s graff is anyways “internet kings” yall fools know who you are!
10. What is your current occupation?
NEAT: I work for the D.O.T. buff crew currently, isnt ironic? but when I’m not out buffing idiots shit on the interstates I just sit on my ass all the time playing video games.
11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
NEAT: well either in jail, dead or stuck with some bonk ass job wishing I would have never started writing on shit.
12. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
NEAT: Theres this water tower right next to “Rice Street” that you can see from most of the floors, fools that been there what I’m talking about. Fuck Jackie Barrett!
13. What is your view on the current Atlanta scene?
NEAT: It could be better, really the shits just getting hotter and hotter every day.
14. What do you think about writers that take their name into galleries?
NEAT: Gotta get paid some how right?
15. What’s some music that’s been in rotation for you as of late?
NEAT: Im pretty big on some metal, bluegrass or some ghetto ass trap shit, you know me I’m a big fan of pistol packin, never slackin, bitch smackin killas!<
16. King(s) of Atlanta?
NEAT: Hense / Won / Quest / Save / drew
17. Favorite thing to climb and paint?
NEAT: Billboards by far.
18. Any graff goals for the next 12 months?
NEAT: Yeah dont get popped
19. Were you born with big nuts or did you just loose a screw somewhere along the way?
NEAT: Well really I just like to push the limits on shit all though I really dont do too much crazy shit anymore.
20. Drug of choice?
NEAT: You got it i’ll fucks with it.

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