Garp – 20 Questions

1. what crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
GARP: i dont paint for any crews, but i usually only paint with IBD.
2. where are you from and/or where did you start?
GARP: central cali, i was born in oil dale and now reside in the northern valley.
3. who or what influenced you the most coming up?
GARP: geso was the biggest influence around here, and tagging crews that i started to notice when i was 12 or 11.
4. how long have you been active?
GARP: 7 years give or take.
5. any meaning behind the name garp?
GARP: nah not reall, but im pretty sure im the only 1
6. rack or buy & why?
GARP: buy most of the time, i really dont feel like gettin busted and that could jepordize other things like traveling out of the country and me marrying a brizialian mail order bride.
7. graff in your life – lifestyle, addiction, habit or hobby?
GARP: i try to keep it a hobby, the more you put your name out and not having a girlfriend and having a seasonal job the more you go to travel with graff the more of a lifestyle it becomes but i still want to go to school. i want to keep doing it for a long time because its fun, but maybe ill calm down and do the occasional train.
8. what is your preferred brand of paint?
GARP: who knows, it depends i switch it up alot it depends on the weather with the fog i do silvers,like with rusto but if you want to get techinical then krylon for outlines. i do like duplicolor school buss yello.
9. what is your favorite surface to paint?
GARP: freghts, metal, those maroon fr8s.
10. do you keep a tab on how many trains you’ve painted? if so, what’s the count?
GARP: this year i did cuz i wanted to hit at least 100, but i lost count cuz i hit 100 and that good ones not throw up or stamps.
11. do you prefer painting solo or with others?
GARP: by myself, no one to hassle me or worry about, latley ive been painting with ibd members but never 3 at a time.
12. do you do most of your steel in yards or lay-ups?
GARP: lay ups, then once in a while i go into a little yard, it depends where im living too theres not really big yards around here.
13. was your introduction to freights gradual or was it like one of those things where after the first time you were hooked and never turned back?
GARP: i guess it was like the first time, i try to hit them as much possiblr. after the first one i wanted to do another one the next weekend, and then in to the middle of the week, and so on. ive taken breaks too.
14. do you feel that graff is an element of the hip hop culture, or do you feel that writing exists as its own culture?
GARP: im sad to say that is linked into some of this hiphop bullshit culture, but you have emo writers and what ever other music. but seriously fuck hiphop especially the state its in now its like the new disco music, you got 40 year old white men tryin to be down with it so fuck that!
15. have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
GARP: nah…thats why i paint solo.
16. what do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
GARP: i think its lame cuz you could just post your own shit and meet people, when i started it was so hard to meet people and get you name out now its but now its too easy, i mean its a good way to get good fast if you just sit on the internet all day and bite shit, its cool you can see shit from all over the world but i dont fuck with the internet.
17. what is your current occupation?
GARP: i work for the state, im a square.
18. where do you see yourself in 10 years?
GARP: hopefully in another country doing well.
19. if there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
GARP: i like my spots and if i find another spot…ill hit it to!
20. president in 2004?
GARP: ralph….

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