Eaz – 20 Questions

1. What crews do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
EAZ:There really is no other meaning for FX….
2. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
EAZ:I am from West New York, NJ and started toying it up there!
3. Who influenced you the most coming up?
EAZ:Alot of old school heads that have alot of style. Its hard not to be influenced by dudes that have history and letter styles for miles!
4. How long have you been active?
EAZ:Well I started in 7th and 8th grade and stopped for lack of interest. Then I started back up strong for about the past 6 years.
5. What did you write before Eaz?
6. What is your preferred brand of paint?
EAZ:Belton MOLOTOW!!!!!!!!!! and Multona!
7. What is your favorite surface to paint?
EAZ:Smooth freshly buffed concrete!
8. Do you wear a mask?
EAZ:Unfortunately, I am growing a third leg and can see into the future because of not using a mask.
9. Any particular person or people you love painting with?
EAZ:My fuckin boys from my crew…FX…
10. Have you ever traveled outside the US to paint?
EAZ:Nah…Since I only get a 2 week vacation at work and there is so much that can be done in the Bronx that it isn’t on my agenda to go anywhere at the moment.
11. Have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
EAZ:Nope….I was a quick sneaky little fucker when I was younger.
12. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
EAZ:I love it…Its cool to see that writers have computer skills. Its only natural as a writer to want to see your shit out there. So its fresh to see writers flexing graphic design skills aswell.
13. Do you think using brushes/markers/rollers/wheat paste takes away from the original concept of graffiti?
EAZ:This IS the original concept!
14. What is your current occupation?
EAZ:Creative Director/Marketing Manager/Graphic Designer 15: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
EAZ:Living my life, coughing and painting steady with my 3 legs in full force.
16. Who in FX is bombing hard right now?
EAZ:That might incriminate that person so i would rather not say…but let me tell you the crazy fucker is all over EVERY borough of NYC!! ALL CITY!!!!
17. In your opinion, who¹s the king of the NYC cleans right now?
EAZ:Who knows??? There is so much wack shit that clutters alot of mags that there is no way to tell!!!
18. What area of the game right now is your strongest?
EAZ:I am digging my letter style these days…I think I like the directions I take on occasion.
19. What do you think of graff artists who turn their art into commercial work?
EAZ:Where? Here in the US??? Impossible! All I see is wack ass fuckin bullshit,graff wanna-be clusters of color in a fuckin background of Gym’s commercials. Or a cheesy lame ass impression of graff by a stupid fuckin art director somewhere. I would LOVE to see a movie title or more than one CD cover of these so-called HIP-HOP brotherly love havin fucks, done by a REAL writer for a change. That is another reason that graff should not be coupled with fuckin HIP HOP. Sorry, that pisses me off. In short, make money and live.
20. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
EAZ:The whole statue of liberty crown…now THAT is king.

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