Con – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and who put
you down?
CON: My crews are BA, FU, FGS, and NSF. BA is my original crew that Jase put me down with in Baltimore. FU and FGS are my LA crews that Big5 and Apart put me in respectively when I lived out there. NSF represents Pittsburg and Philly and I was just put down by my boy Necs this year.
2. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
CON: Started in Baltimore. Lived in LA for a bit. I’m in DC now.
3. Who influenced you the most coming up?
CON: All the old Baltimore heads were my greatest influence. I really didn’t start doing pieces until the year before I left for LA. Since I was really starting to develop my style, I picked up on a lot of stuff when I was on the west coast. But I’d say NY styles influence me nowadays.
4. How long have you been active?
CON: I started in late 93. Was a street bomber with my boy Super for 2 steady years. Started doing characters and eventually doing pieces. But I haven’t slowed a bit. Just focused in different directions.
5. What is your favorite surface to paint?
CON: Metal. Since the beginning, I was put onto freights. Me, Super and Resk started a crew called CSX when we started. It was our fr8 crew that eventually took over the scene in Baltimore back in 94-95. Baltimore has an incredible fr8 scene though. You’re missing the point if you’re not doing trains.
6. What is your preferred brand of paint?
CON: Rustoleum. And Groco which is now American brand I believe. It was a brand you’d get for $.50 at swap meets in LA. They had great colors and it’s super thick.
7. What are some nice color schemes you’ve used lately?
CON: Cinnamon/Raspberry/Indian Spice fill, Violet/Black 3-ds with Grape highlights, Sunset Orange outline, Teal green border.
8. Any particular person or people you love painting with?
CON: Anyone who has heart for fr8s and quality pieces are my favorite people to paint with. Actually anyone who can get super faded and pull off a slick piece or ill spot – those are my boys.
9. Have you ever traveled outside the US to paint?
CON: Nope. My rule of thumb has been to hit the US first and then move on to other countries. I’ve gotten almost every major city under my belt except for the northwest and chicago.
10. Have you had any run-ins with the law for graffiti?
CON: Tons. Been charged with multiple felonies but never convicted. We have a good BA crew lawyer we use if problems like this arise. My most recent time I got popped was in the South Bronx for benching in a fr8 yard. Spent a few hours in jail but we got off. They thought we were breaking into trains. The cops that booked us were surprisingly cool about it. My boy Zine BFK asked if the cops would take a flick of us in the cell on his camera. One of the cops was gonna get in the cell with us for the photo shoot, but changed his mind. So we now have flicks of us locked up in this ill ass cell in the South Bronx. It was pretty funny. I could go on about chase/cop run-ins, but that would be a long interview.
11. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
CON: I think it’s cool. It’s a natural progression. It’s a great way to see what’s going on in other parts of the country or the world without as much bias you’d find in a mag because anyone can make a site. Plus it gives me something to do at work.
12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
CON: Dunno. I take each day as it comes.
13. What is your current occupation?
CON: Web programmer/animator.
14. Do you consider graff a part of your lifestyle or just a hobby?
CON: Definitely a lifestyle. I spend way too much money on it. I fly from coast to coast multiple times a year just to paint. It’s a problem.
15. What area of graff is your strongest?
CON: Freight pieces. I can rock a mean character if I need too. Love doing Simpson characters.
16. What’s the current D.C./Baltimore graff scene like?
CON: Baltimore is hot right now! So many kids are out bombing the streets like no other time in the city’s history. Same with the freight scene. DC on the other hand is kinda quiet at the moment. And the freights are non-existant except for the handful of us killing them. It’s kinda nice because there’s no toys blowing it up.
17. Do you do most of your steel in yards or lay-ups?
CON: In Baltimore I hit secret lay-ups and the yard on the occasion. Too many kids burned out our spots so we got new ones. In DC I got a yard to myself.
18. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
CON: It’s still in the plans so I’m keeping this one on the dl…
19. Do you think using brushes/markers/rollers/wheat paste takes away from the original concept?
CON: Nope. I think any tool is game for getting your name out there.
20. Where can people find out more about you?

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