Chase – 20 Questions

1.What crew(s) do you push and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
CHASE: Before I stopped writing, I pushed: – UCA [under cover artists] – (N) [network] – MTK [mass transit killers] – KIL [keeping it large] R.I.P – DTK [down to kill] – FS [fr8 stains] – KTD [kill the devil]
2.Where are you from and/or where did you start painting?
CHASE: I’m from the city of lost angels and this is where the virus first began to spread.
3.What year did you start painting?
CHASE: I contracted the virus around 1984. Big Brother is watching us!
4.Who were some of your influences coming up?
CHASE: I was influenced by some early kings like “Soon” and “Legit”.
5.Did the book “Subway Art” play any role in your evolution of style and understanding of this culture?
CHASE: It had an impact on me as well, most def!
6.What is your favorite surface to paint?
CHASE: With out a doubt STEEL; mainly because of the end result – that lovely feeling of watching your work roll by you or by someone else all the way across the country. It’s even better than the smell of “Napalm in the morning”. This is only a fraction of what the pioneers back in the days used to feel back at HQ [NYC], seeing their stuff rolling by on the daily. Can I get a time machine with that shake?
7.Do you think the graffiti culture has moved in a positive or negative direction in the past 10 years?
CHASE: I don’t know.
8.Graffiti in your life – habit, lifestyle or hobby?
CHASE: None of thee above. It was purely an addiction. For all those who say hobby, go build a model or collect a coin. Graff is strictly for the junkies, the geekmonstaz, the fiends and the baseheads. All not included in the above, “I think you need to go to R.I.F”.Kool Keith. And all those who say lifestyle, Get a Life!
9.During your stint in Atlanta, who was/were your favorite person/people to paint with?
CHASE: Didn’t have one; in my 9 year bid in the A.T.L, I normally painted with cool peoples, cool folks. So if you saw me next to someone, know for certain, they were on point. 1st there was Leon 2000 and Jazone, Round 2: there was SB1 my main money grand who pushed the crew like breathing, Sae, Save, Daks, Crisis, Emer, how could I forget Lern with his lanky self, Base, Afro, etc, etc.
10.In your opinion, what was the best quality of the Atlanta graff scene during your stay?
CHASE: Well all I can say is that during my bid, folks I was rolling with, you couldn’t really look at their styles and say, “it looks like so-and-so’s style”. But now, many head look like they be studying magazines and putting there own little twist on someone else’s styles.
11.What is your favorite US city to paint?
CHASE: Any and every nook and cranny on earth. ALL COUNTRY baby! The more cities, the merrier. I’ve gotten up in a bunch. A bunch of Cutty Sark spots y’all don’t even know nothing ’bout. Some ole’ super duty tuff s*%&#. Let’s take a trip, shall we?
12.Have you ever traveled over seas strictly to paint?
CHASE: Naw. My pocket weren’t like that. “I didn’t start writing to paint on canvases in galleries. I started writing to bomb. Destroy all lines”.Skeme.
13.What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
CHASE: It’s okay. It’s helped someone like me who’s stuck in the jungle to be able to take a peek into the graff world again.  I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on it though. It’s all about the streets and those who took flicks of their stuff and others stuff and had albums and would bring them and their blackbooks to the bench. Whatcha know ’bout that?
14.Do you feel that graff is an element of the Hip Hop culture, or do you feel that writing exists as its own culture?
15.If there is one piece of advice you could give a new jack trying to make a name in this game, what would it be?
CHASE: 1st, this aint no game. 2nd, New jacks got to study. If they are serious about this, they have read about the pioneers who started this thing. What they said, why they started, how they felt about this or that. Look at the 1st piece that used arrows, the 1st blockbuster, the first wildstyle, etc. You can’t build from a weak foundation or no foundation. If you quiz some of these new jacks about the 70’s or 80’s, you’ll come up with butkiss, Nathan, nothing. This is why fools who go to art school study art history. That aint no random curriculum error. That stuff is important. So the result of this lack of homework these days, all around the world, is so many superficial flying ferries flinging up feces on freaking fr8’s/walls and even canvasas. Diatribe error. 
16.What is your current occupation?
CHASE: Pedagogue; Look it up!
17.If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
CHASE: A coast-to-coast, traveling to every city/state, unbuffable Amtrak train, end-to-end, top-to-bottom.
18.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
CHASE: Kicking up sand in the desert with a book in my hand, a phat beard and a phat gang of chillinz.
19.President in 2004?
CHASE: Hmmmm. Who shall I choose, Shaytan or Beelzebub? Aint a damn thang changed.
20.Do you have any roll-calling or card-pulling you want to address here?
CHASE: KIL -RED/KEPT – OZE UCA -EARN -BESK -SB (N) -BASE (N) -SAVE (N) KTD -RAZER -PASE -GIGS -AWE -RAKUS -SYRA MTK/DTK -KET -SB (N) -PORN -FRAME FS -FAVES (N) -DAKS (N) -BASE (N) -SB (N) MISC. -BASH 213 -TEMPT 213,STN -PRIME K2S,STN,LABS -DUKE STN,213 -MINER WCA -MIST 3GC -WISK BKA,WCA,BC -CRAM -ESA DEAD HOMIES -EASIE UCA,STN -MINUS UCA -GEO K2S,STN,LABS -SINE STN -RISKO LABS -DREAM KTD,TDK -SK8 CBS Oh yeah. All y’all who got your start from UCA and left us hanging like a hot potato when you got down with an additional crew. Look at y’all now. Folks still aint heard of ya. You gets no respect from me. Y’all and y’all mommas can go to hell with a Jungle Green Krylon can wedged in your ass-crack. Wack, trick-ass hoes. To all my peoples, don’t get me up!

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