Vayne – State of Surveillance

Staying busy is the name of the game and in this day and age of constant cameras and security, VAYNE doesn’t let that slow him down. From bombing to highway spots, from rollers to trackside pieces, this video has it all!

Artist: VAYNE –
Video by: Carver Weeks –

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There was a partial server failure, last month that deleted the ~1200 pictures in the gallery about half of them are backed up but I’m not sure where I put the flash drive that they are on so I have to look around for them, until then I will scour the internet and add more pictures as I can, but before then I’m hoping people will use the Post Image link in the menu to add their own pics/videos. If you are a regular user of this website and would like to be a regular contributor just use the new contact form and we can discuss adding you on as a permissioned user/contributor. I don’t think any of the other content was lost, except some of the video tutorials which exist on YouTube I just have to find and add the videos back to the page.

Wisk and Ser WCA – All the Way to Heaven

A 22 minute Mini-Documentary shot by General Moe on Wisk and Ser of the legendary crew West Coast Artists. In this day and age of the Los Angeles graffiti art culture i think it is very necessary for today’s writers and artists to have an understanding of what actually took place in the “streets” during the golden era, so i interviewed two of the golden era’s well respected, innovative writers that were determined to be successful with taking street bombing to a higher level during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

It literally took eleven hour day and night sessions with my editor to bring this classic story and vision to life. During the course of my filming missions around Los Angeles it didn’t always go as smooth as it may look on this video, many times i was stopped and questioned by L.A.P.D officers and Security Guards due to certain locations i dared to go into. The missions consisted of going to very grimy areas in the city in the AM all alone, hanging over many dangerous freeway overpasses, just determined to get that one shot that i considered dam near perfect, plus almost dropping my cellular phone while on one of the 110 freeway overpasses in the process of getting certain shots! Enjoy it because i put alot into composing this piece, its for the Los Angeles “street legends” of the graffiti art culture and for the one’s who wants to know more about Wisk and Ser’s All-City missions.
Shot & Directed by: General Moe
Edited by: Tommy Canales Burns

Mike Giant – Interview 1996

@mediaexplosion spent a lot of time with pre-tattooed Mike Giant in the late 90’s working on a graffiti documentary, which was never widely released.This was filmed in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. It features stills, doodles, stickers from Mike’s sketchbooks, some classic skateboard graphics, live painting with Persue in SD, collabs with Felon and Sope in SF. And a couple shots of Giant’s beef with Kept. The main interview was filmed during a wander through SF Chinatown, after a long night hallucinating at a rave. SF was a graffiti wonderland at the time and there are background pieces from legends like Twist, KR, Rem, Bles and a bunch more if you keep your eyes peeled.