Base – 20 Questions

1. Where’d you get the name BASE(R)?
BASE: Base2 is what I originally wrote and before that I wrote LSD 71. Both names were already taken, out of respect to Subway writers way before me. I chose BASER. Theres a whole slew of Toys and suspects writing the name base these days. My peers and OG Brothers know that I am the one and only Baser Skrate No Chaser Defacer Toy Eraser.
2. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
BASE: I paint for no one. I paint for the love and the addiction. I got it bad. I have Nothing to prove to anyone. Just self. I do paint with certain families and notice I said Families and not crews. TOP MOB, BSK, AMF, UCA, DTT, FS , STV and (N). If you dont know the meanings then neither do I??
3. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
BASE: Im from a Planet called Fresh. B.orn A.ddicted S.outh E.astern R.oots Lets just say that my stomping ground got wiped out by Katrina. Lower Ninth Ward to be exact. Im pretty well known on South Beach and Lil Havana.
4. How long have you been active?
BASE: Activator on Jheri Curls was the shit back in the day. I remember getting on the RTA buses and trying to look thru the window and not being able to due to all the Jheri Curl Juice. I used to skribe right thru it. Ive been actively making a mess since some tI’me in the Late 80’s.
5. Who influenced you the most coming up?
BASE: My homie and my stromie BUGSONE. Dondi of course and my brother KVEE of BSK 7UP Crews in MiAMi.
6. What’s your outlook on the current Atlanta scene?
BASE: I really enjoy the scenery while I’m out driving thru ATL.. Lots of cats doin there thang. They know who they iz.
7. In your opinion, who is/are the king(s) of the A?
BASE: Lil Jon, Usher, Big Boi, Killa Mike, T5K ,Leon, Save and the Snail guy. Oh and of course the Mexxxicans are actually cultivating A Town.
8. Have you ever been arrested for graff?
BASE: Not sure what graff is??? I do know what felony probation and assault with a deadly weapon is…….
9. What is your preferred brand of paint?
10. Rack or buy?
BASE: Hustling is an art…
11. What is your preferred surface to paint and why?
BASE: It used to be steel but now that its an extreme punk rock skater fag sport, Im actually looking forward to rebuilding bikes and painting anything but steel.
12. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
BASE: Documentation is good. Being a sensitive name dropping intranet groupie will get your tray snatched where I’m from. “Fresh Fish on The Line Niggas”
13. Do you paint outside your crews?
BASE: I paint in circle jerks mainly. At one point I didnt paint outside my circle then I realized all my painting partners were burning me. So now I spread the love and try to burn who ever I paint with whether there crew or not. Competition is the cornerstone of Styles Evolving.
14. What do you think about writers that take their name into galleries?
BASE: I feel once you choose this life you shoud take your name where ever you go… Like Pac said “Ride Or Die”
15. Do you think using brushes/markers/rollers/wheat paste takes away from the original concept?
BASE: Original writers wrote with Ink before aerosol.
16. Hobby, lifestyle or addiction?
BASE: HLA huh??? IM addicted like a TRUE BLUE BASERRRRRRRR
17. What is your current occupation?
18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
BASE: Email me in 10 and I’ll let you know.
19. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
BASE: I’ve done it already.
20. Any roll calls and/or the card pulling?
BASE: Oh but of course. Roll Call All my brothers from other mothers. KOOL CLEAR (The C.ool L.etter E.ngineer A.cquiring R.ecords) SMASH 74 (Deebo in the Flesh) KOUSiN KASH (down since day one) BiG BUGS (my style doctor) DR DAKS (my dirtiest) ALL OUT AXER (Mr. Flavor Savor) FLAVOR FAVES (True Documentarian) CHEESY CHiSME (Silent Loco) SOUL BROTHER #1 (Black Faves) GREAT SOUTHERN GS1 (Solid as a Rock) CRAZY CAVSTER (Got his eye on you girl) HOLLYGROVE HARSH (Mississippi Mullet) SKRATE EDGE MBER (Mad Thanks for the INKS) KiNG RASTA KAEVEE (Blessed Style King) FOREMAN ViSM (El Pinche Lobo) SWATS SAVER (Marta Mayor) EACH ONE TEACH ONE (Alaskan All Star) TEACHiNG TOYS TEACH (Our Own Prof.) DiZO THE OG WiGGA (befrore any of yall even smelled a sister this cat was slaying em.) CHASE UCA (One Meal a Day) HiGH AMF (Always Sober) JUNE FSTV DADE (My first Liquid Drinking Potna) To some of the peeps ive gotten busy with. Basho,Terms, Trez, Wane, Intel, Hear, Sauce, Sien5, Free5, Siner BSK, Mover, Kane, ABOMB, Soul4, Serk, Best, Wies, Seam, Dash, Zame, Spel, JBue, Skem, Smog, Vec4, Nems, Haze, Seer, Pek, Killer Klever, Zephyr, CapMPC, Jaes, Marko93(Paris). RiP DJ Leacy “The King of Breaks”, A-ONE TDT TDS, Dondi The Style Master General. Yall’s Legacy will live on thru us. And so many more. Im off to the Flea Market…. And to all the toys writing my name. Thank you all so much.!!!! Big up to Lobster Sauce.

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