Vayne – State of Surveillance

Staying busy is the name of the game and in this day and age of constant cameras and security, VAYNE doesn’t let that slow him down. From bombing to highway spots, from rollers to trackside pieces, this video has it all!

Artist: VAYNE –
Video by: Carver Weeks –

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MSG Crew – Vice Interview

VICE meets members of the Miami Style Gods (MSG), a graffiti crew based in Miami, and follows them on a night of “bombing” — leaving their tags on highway signs, walls, garage doors, bridges, and more.

Crews like MSG are prolific, and go out of their way to tag as many locations, as many times as possible, no matter what the cost. But with the rise of social media and the gentrification of now art districts like Wynwood, where graffiti is essentially permitted, we are now seeing corporate appropriation of this underground subculture that corporate America once looked down upon that is now changing the graffiti world for good or bad.

Bombing with Guns – Tags and Throws follows legendary graffiti bomber GUNS out on the streets of New York City and Puerto Rico. Given an exclusive look into how one of the most dedicated graffiti bombers make his name famous.

Music by Smutskatt.
Graphics by Pete Porch.

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Video from Youtube

Wisk and Ser WCA – All the Way to Heaven

A 22 minute Mini-Documentary shot by General Moe on Wisk and Ser of the legendary crew West Coast Artists. In this day and age of the Los Angeles graffiti art culture i think it is very necessary for today’s writers and artists to have an understanding of what actually took place in the “streets” during the golden era, so i interviewed two of the golden era’s well respected, innovative writers that were determined to be successful with taking street bombing to a higher level during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

It literally took eleven hour day and night sessions with my editor to bring this classic story and vision to life. During the course of my filming missions around Los Angeles it didn’t always go as smooth as it may look on this video, many times i was stopped and questioned by L.A.P.D officers and Security Guards due to certain locations i dared to go into. The missions consisted of going to very grimy areas in the city in the AM all alone, hanging over many dangerous freeway overpasses, just determined to get that one shot that i considered dam near perfect, plus almost dropping my cellular phone while on one of the 110 freeway overpasses in the process of getting certain shots! Enjoy it because i put alot into composing this piece, its for the Los Angeles “street legends” of the graffiti art culture and for the one’s who wants to know more about Wisk and Ser’s All-City missions.
Shot & Directed by: General Moe
Edited by: Tommy Canales Burns

Quest – 20 Questions

1. Where’d you get the name QUEST?
QUEST: I came up with the name QUEST on a real bad acid trip that ended at Grady Hospital. I woke up there still tripping balls and I didn’t know where I was or how I got there. All I could see were buildings downtown and the MARTA line. And from then on I knew what I had to do.
2. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
QUEST: UAA = Up And Attacking, Us Against America, Up Around Atlanta
3. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
QUEST: I’m from Decatur where it’s greater! East Atlanta Represent! I got into some big trouble there early on for tagging. So, I gradually progressed into the city. Learned some valuable lessons down at the Civic Yard and just took that shit the street where it will stay.
4. Who influenced you the most coming up?
QUEST: SAVE’S styles and countless spots absolutely bewildered me. WON2 destroyed the city with style too and taught me that all-city was the only way. Anybody who was up on the MARTA line and wrecking shit.
5. What’s your outlook on the current Atlanta scene?
QUEST: I remember when the city was grimey. I remember when writers that had the fucking balls to bomb shit senseless. Now the scene has lost heart. Any writer that has heart will go all-city.
6. In your opinion, who is/are the king(s) of the A?
QUEST: The undisputed king of Atlanta is SAVE. WON is a king writer here too. I don’t know what everyone’s definition of a king is, to me, these are the bombers I respect the most.
7. Have you ever been arrested for graff?
QUEST: Yeah I got a 6 month jail sentence but I only served 4 and a half months. I got snitched out once too but karma got that fool. Just deny everything and tell them they are the one’s who are guilty!
8. What is your preferred brand of paint?
QUEST: Rusto and Krylon mix for the most part. Quick Color and Color Place for the toys!
9. Rack or buy?
QUEST: When I’m not robbing toys I am straight dumpster diving fool! Some people’s trash is another person’s treasure.
10. What’s your craziest bombing experience?
QUEST: One night it was PERVE, DUMY, REVISE, and myself. We were all bombing this retainer wall on 85. PERVE was all out that night just ripping highway spot after spot, ruthless style. Fucking blue lights come up everywhere and the cops chase PERVE across the highway and we watch him get hit by a car doing like 70 in the HOV lane and the car never stopped. It was a horrible feeling when the dirty ass cop just cuffed him with no remorse. We had to explain what happened to his girl and that was not an easy thing to do at all. PERVE you are a soldier for getting through that, mad respect!
11. What is your preferred surface to paint and why?
QUEST: I just like destroying shit in general. But I like bombing walls, roof-tops, and just anything in sight.
12. Quality or Quantity and why?
QUEST: Both together is best. If I had to pick one it would be quantity. All-city or nothing homie.
13. Have you ever been injured on the job?
QUEST: I was bombing the side of this MARTA tressel about 3 stories up and the train shook me off and I woke up in a pool of blood. I couldn’t walk because I shattered my right leg. My face got smashed in, I broke my eye socket, jaw, nose, septum, cheek bone and I think I knocked a few screws loose. But yeah, I crawled the wrong direction for a few days slipping in and out of consciousness, drinking sewage water to stay alive, and experienced some like weird near-death hallucination seeing the light type of shit. Finally, I crawled to my car and looked in the rear view mirror as I put my shattered leg on the passenger seat and I realized a bunch of my teeth had been knocked out. I made it to my driveway at home where an ambulance was called. I’ll never forget being in the worst pain imaginable, so bad my body would shut off, stop working, and that morphine shot they put in my arm was pure bliss! I asked them for another and they certainly gave it to me. DUMY and MENT would come visit me in the hospital. Not 1 day goes by where I don’t think about it. I am very lucky to be alive.
14. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
QUEST: Its cool because the internet helped me track down this toy I had beef with. If you run your mouth on the internet you better be able to back shit up in the streets.
15. What do you think about writers that take their name into galleries?
QUEST: If the writer put in work then it’s cool. You gotta break bread somehow and having a criminal record does not make it easy getting a real job.
16. Hobby, lifestyle or addiction?
QUEST: More like a sickness or a disease with no cure.
17. What is your current occupation?
QUEST: I cultivate and distribute hydroponic mushrooms. Georgia has the perfect climate for growing shrooms.
18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
QUEST: Dissing toys that need to learn and keeping the name alive.
19. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
QUEST: There are these 2 rusty ass water towers downtown on by 5 points station that sit on top of these buildings that are impossible to penetrate. You would have to hold someone hostage to fucking get up there. I would do both of them because you can see them from many vantage points in the city and 5 points station, what?
20. Any roll calls and/or the card pulling?
QUEST: DUMY,YESH and MENT my homeboys for life, been there through thick and thin! Chapter13, UAA, WON, MEGA, MUTANT, PERVE, and everyone who helped me out that hates me now I still love ya.

Base – 20 Questions

1. Where’d you get the name BASE(R)?
BASE: Base2 is what I originally wrote and before that I wrote LSD 71. Both names were already taken, out of respect to Subway writers way before me. I chose BASER. Theres a whole slew of Toys and suspects writing the name base these days. My peers and OG Brothers know that I am the one and only Baser Skrate No Chaser Defacer Toy Eraser.
2. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
BASE: I paint for no one. I paint for the love and the addiction. I got it bad. I have Nothing to prove to anyone. Just self. I do paint with certain families and notice I said Families and not crews. TOP MOB, BSK, AMF, UCA, DTT, FS , STV and (N). If you dont know the meanings then neither do I??
3. Where are you from and/or where did you start?
BASE: Im from a Planet called Fresh. B.orn A.ddicted S.outh E.astern R.oots Lets just say that my stomping ground got wiped out by Katrina. Lower Ninth Ward to be exact. Im pretty well known on South Beach and Lil Havana.
4. How long have you been active?
BASE: Activator on Jheri Curls was the shit back in the day. I remember getting on the RTA buses and trying to look thru the window and not being able to due to all the Jheri Curl Juice. I used to skribe right thru it. Ive been actively making a mess since some tI’me in the Late 80’s.
5. Who influenced you the most coming up?
BASE: My homie and my stromie BUGSONE. Dondi of course and my brother KVEE of BSK 7UP Crews in MiAMi.
6. What’s your outlook on the current Atlanta scene?
BASE: I really enjoy the scenery while I’m out driving thru ATL.. Lots of cats doin there thang. They know who they iz.
7. In your opinion, who is/are the king(s) of the A?
BASE: Lil Jon, Usher, Big Boi, Killa Mike, T5K ,Leon, Save and the Snail guy. Oh and of course the Mexxxicans are actually cultivating A Town.
8. Have you ever been arrested for graff?
BASE: Not sure what graff is??? I do know what felony probation and assault with a deadly weapon is…….
9. What is your preferred brand of paint?
10. Rack or buy?
BASE: Hustling is an art…
11. What is your preferred surface to paint and why?
BASE: It used to be steel but now that its an extreme punk rock skater fag sport, Im actually looking forward to rebuilding bikes and painting anything but steel.
12. What do you think about the documentation of graffiti on the web?
BASE: Documentation is good. Being a sensitive name dropping intranet groupie will get your tray snatched where I’m from. “Fresh Fish on The Line Niggas”
13. Do you paint outside your crews?
BASE: I paint in circle jerks mainly. At one point I didnt paint outside my circle then I realized all my painting partners were burning me. So now I spread the love and try to burn who ever I paint with whether there crew or not. Competition is the cornerstone of Styles Evolving.
14. What do you think about writers that take their name into galleries?
BASE: I feel once you choose this life you shoud take your name where ever you go… Like Pac said “Ride Or Die”
15. Do you think using brushes/markers/rollers/wheat paste takes away from the original concept?
BASE: Original writers wrote with Ink before aerosol.
16. Hobby, lifestyle or addiction?
BASE: HLA huh??? IM addicted like a TRUE BLUE BASERRRRRRRR
17. What is your current occupation?
18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
BASE: Email me in 10 and I’ll let you know.
19. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
BASE: I’ve done it already.
20. Any roll calls and/or the card pulling?
BASE: Oh but of course. Roll Call All my brothers from other mothers. KOOL CLEAR (The C.ool L.etter E.ngineer A.cquiring R.ecords) SMASH 74 (Deebo in the Flesh) KOUSiN KASH (down since day one) BiG BUGS (my style doctor) DR DAKS (my dirtiest) ALL OUT AXER (Mr. Flavor Savor) FLAVOR FAVES (True Documentarian) CHEESY CHiSME (Silent Loco) SOUL BROTHER #1 (Black Faves) GREAT SOUTHERN GS1 (Solid as a Rock) CRAZY CAVSTER (Got his eye on you girl) HOLLYGROVE HARSH (Mississippi Mullet) SKRATE EDGE MBER (Mad Thanks for the INKS) KiNG RASTA KAEVEE (Blessed Style King) FOREMAN ViSM (El Pinche Lobo) SWATS SAVER (Marta Mayor) EACH ONE TEACH ONE (Alaskan All Star) TEACHiNG TOYS TEACH (Our Own Prof.) DiZO THE OG WiGGA (befrore any of yall even smelled a sister this cat was slaying em.) CHASE UCA (One Meal a Day) HiGH AMF (Always Sober) JUNE FSTV DADE (My first Liquid Drinking Potna) To some of the peeps ive gotten busy with. Basho,Terms, Trez, Wane, Intel, Hear, Sauce, Sien5, Free5, Siner BSK, Mover, Kane, ABOMB, Soul4, Serk, Best, Wies, Seam, Dash, Zame, Spel, JBue, Skem, Smog, Vec4, Nems, Haze, Seer, Pek, Killer Klever, Zephyr, CapMPC, Jaes, Marko93(Paris). RiP DJ Leacy “The King of Breaks”, A-ONE TDT TDS, Dondi The Style Master General. Yall’s Legacy will live on thru us. And so many more. Im off to the Flea Market…. And to all the toys writing my name. Thank you all so much.!!!! Big up to Lobster Sauce.

Neat – 20 Questions

1. What crew(s) do you paint for and what are the underlying meanings of the acronym(s)?
NEAT: (ADM)aerosol dreams manifested-assholes delivering mayhem (KYS)kapping yalls shit-kill yourself (AP)auto pilot-assaulting pedestrians
2. How’d you get the name NEAT?
NEAT: I think the shit just randomly came about.
3. How long have you been active?
NEAT: Since about 2001-2002

4. Who influenced you the most coming up?
NEAT: Fools like them (HOD) boys when they came through. hense/sever, pretty much anyone that was really out there putting there ass on the line to get up is what got me amped the shit.I was also into all of those (NETWORK) and (12volts) boys shit as far as trains go.
5. Rack or Buy?
NEAT: scams.
6. Do you prefer painting solo or with others?
NEAT: usually I ride solo because I’m not a fan of too much luggage but it really all depends on the situation.
7. Have you ever been bagged for graffiti?
NEAT: Sure.
8. Is graff a hobby, habit, or lifestyle to you?
NEAT: A bad habit
9. What do you think about the documentation of graffitI on the web?
NEAT: The shits cool with me really I dont give a fuck but its funny how fools now days get more ups on internet boards then they will ever get on the streets. Thats what most of Atlanta’s graff is anyways “internet kings” yall fools know who you are!
10. What is your current occupation?
NEAT: I work for the D.O.T. buff crew currently, isnt ironic? but when I’m not out buffing idiots shit on the interstates I just sit on my ass all the time playing video games.
11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
NEAT: well either in jail, dead or stuck with some bonk ass job wishing I would have never started writing on shit.
12. If there was one spot you could hit without getting bagged, where would it be and why?
NEAT: Theres this water tower right next to “Rice Street” that you can see from most of the floors, fools that been there what I’m talking about. Fuck Jackie Barrett!
13. What is your view on the current Atlanta scene?
NEAT: It could be better, really the shits just getting hotter and hotter every day.
14. What do you think about writers that take their name into galleries?
NEAT: Gotta get paid some how right?
15. What’s some music that’s been in rotation for you as of late?
NEAT: Im pretty big on some metal, bluegrass or some ghetto ass trap shit, you know me I’m a big fan of pistol packin, never slackin, bitch smackin killas!<
16. King(s) of Atlanta?
NEAT: Hense / Won / Quest / Save / drew
17. Favorite thing to climb and paint?
NEAT: Billboards by far.
18. Any graff goals for the next 12 months?
NEAT: Yeah dont get popped
19. Were you born with big nuts or did you just loose a screw somewhere along the way?
NEAT: Well really I just like to push the limits on shit all though I really dont do too much crazy shit anymore.
20. Drug of choice?
NEAT: You got it i’ll fucks with it.